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The future happens quickly.
We can help those you love be ready.

Preparing for the future can be a daunting task especially if you or your loved one is living with a disability. The West Virginia PACE Trust Fund works to provide you with peace of mind when planning for the future.

The West Virginia PACE Trust Fund was founded in 2021 by PACE Enterprises and concerned West Virginians who had a loved one with a disability. These families had a unique understanding of the importance of ensuring the dignity of those with disabilities and how to promote a high standard of living for them. The families’ passion is partnered with 50 years of commitment by PACE Enterprises to helping people with disabilities.

The West Virginia PACE Trust Fund supports individuals with disabilities by helping to preserve resources, protect public benefits, and provide supplemental needs to improve quality of life. One way that The West Virginia PACE Trust Fund does this is by providing access to a pooled special needs trust (PSNT). A PSNT is a particular type of special needs trust whereby each beneficiary places his or her funds into an individual sub-account, which is administered by a central trustee and investment advisor. While the beneficiary’s funds remain segregated for the sole use of the beneficiary to comply with the rules for their means-tested benefits, the funds are pooled for investment and management purposes.

The fund is open to all persons with disabilities in West Virginia, regardless of disability type. In addition to pooled trust services, offered by TrueLink Financial, The West Virginia PACE Trust Fund also provides support and advocacy through education for families, attorneys, and other service providers. Whether you are a family seeking a qualified attorney, an attorney seeking direction for your client, or a service provider looking for answers regarding special needs trusts, we are here to help you find answers.